What is AI Instagram Trend? Everything You Need to Know in 2024

Discover how creators and brands are utilizing AI Instagram trend and learn how you can too. Get creative, create viral moments, and hook your audience.

What’s the latest buzz on Instagram? Here are the AI trends you need to know!

Instagram is embracing artificial intelligence in a big way, from AI-generated art to AI filters, photos, and videos. Technology geeks aren’t the only ones who are exploring AI Instagram trends; everyday users, influencers, and brands are also using these trends to create and engage with content on the platform.

As a result of these AI trends, brands and creators are better able to connect with their audiences. There are many questions that arise with all this cool technology, including which AI apps/tools to use, potential copyright implications, and creative post ideas for Instagram AI photos or videos.

We will resolve all your concerns on AI trends and how to capitalize on them in this guide.

What is the AI trend on Instagram?

Instagrammers are using AI tools and features to influence their content creation process. Generative AI can produce mind-blowing AI art to making your posts look like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie to enhancing photos and videos with filters.

Instagram’s tools have made content creation seem like a cakewalk, which is why this trend has become so popular. You don’t need a design degree or a large team to create engaging and unique content. You’ll also see more of what you like when you use it, making your feeds a lot more personal.

Instagram creators and brands are leveraging AI-generated portraits, selfies, headshots, AI videos, content, and filters/effects to stand out and tell their stories. Creating cool stuff to share is all about creativity, personalization, and fun.

How to Do the AI Instagram Trend: Using Lensa

You can find many AI trend posts apps on the iOS store, Google Play store, and the web. Apps can give you a god-like physique, and others can make you look like a cartoon character.

Lensa AI Instagram Trend
Lensa AI Instagram Trend

Among the most talked about apps for the AI trend is Lensa – an AI art and photo editing app. Using the Lensa app, you can get started quickly with this trend:

  1. Open Google PlayStore or iOS App Store and install Lensa AI: Photo and AI Art.
  2. Access the app for free for 7 days.
  3. Now, select Try Now > Select Type > Styles.
  4. You can then upload your facial sample by selecting 15-20 selfies.
  5. Click Import > Check Out > and Notify Me.
  6. Lastly, tap “Magic Avatars” to save your avatar.

Tapping into the AI Trend with Lensa: Steps

You can create eye-catching AI art with Lensa since it’s already installed. To get you started, here’s a simple breakdown:

  1. Launch Lensa and select your photos. The first thing you’ll see is an option to choose or take a photo. Select a selfie or a photo from your gallery that you would like to transform. Portraits often yield the most dramatic and interesting AI transformations.
  2. After selecting your photo, Lensa will offer you a selection of editing tools. Look for features such as AI or magic avatars. You can add a trendy AI touch to your photos with these.
  3. Choose Your AI Art Style. If you’re thinking of creating an AI avatar, this app may offer you a variety of options. It could range from cosmic and fantasy themes to abstract or realistic art styles. Take your pick, or experiment with several to see what works for you.
  4. Customize Your Art: Adjust the intensity of the effects or specify how you wish the AI to treat your photo, depending on the feature you’re using. You can customize the final piece using these options.
  5. Creating AI Art: Once you’ve made your selections, click generate (the button may be labeled differently depending on the feature you’re using). The app’s workload and the complexity of the request can affect processing times.
  6. Once the AI has done its magic, your photo or avatar will be transformed. You can save it to your device and then upload it to Instagram. You can share your AI-generated art on your feed, stories, or even make it your profile picture.Join the LensaAI community and get your art seen by more people by tagging @lensa.ai or using relevant hashtags like #LensaAI or #AIart.
  7. Share your experiences with the app and the AI art it creates with your audience. If your followers have tried AI art themselves, or if they have any suggestions for the next style you should experiment with, ask them what they think.

With this app, you can create AI art that is as much about the process as it is about the end result. You can experiment with different photos and styles, and you can share your creations to inspire others.

Utilize AI Trends to Become Viral

As a brand/creator, you can leverage all these trends by using Instagram as a platform. Due to the drop in attention span of viewers, you need something that makes them stop scrolling and engage.

You can use AI Instagram trends as a marketing tool if you master them. Use tools like SocialPilot to create captions for your posts, schedule them for publication, and analyze their performance to reduce some of your hassle.

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