How to Enable & Use Gemini Extensions in 2024

The era of artificial intelligence has already begun. Today, everything can be done in just a few clicks, from summarizing texts to generating AI images. All started when OpenAI announced its free AI chatbot – ChatGPT.

After a few months, Microsoft & Google joined the trend by launching their AI chatbots, Microsoft Copilot and Google Bard, respectively. The Google Bard Ai was recently renamed Gemini if you follow the tech world.

A premium version of Google’s AI chatbot, Gemini Advanced, was also introduced.

Gemini Extensions
Gemini Advanced

The purpose of this article is to explain how to enable extension support in the Gemini Advanced version. Add-ons such as Gemini Extensions enhance the capabilities and features of Gemini AI Chatbots. Having Extension support won’t require you to subscribe to Gemini Advanced.

How to Enable & Use Gemini Extensions

Continue reading the guide if you are a Gemini AI user and want to expand the capabilities of the AI chatbot. Here are some simple steps for enabling and using Gemini extensions. Getting started is the first step.

How to Enable Gemini Extensions?

To enable the extensions, you won’t need a Gemini Advanced subscription. Currently, you can only use Google extensions. Using Gemini AI, you can enable extensions.

1. Visit in your favorite web browser to get started.

Gemini Extensions

2. Sign in with your Google Account by clicking the Sign in button.

Gemini Extensions

3. Once logged in, you can see the main user interface of Google Gemini Ai.

4. Click the Settings gear icon at the bottom left corner to enable Extensions.

Gemini Extensions

5. Select Extensions from the list of options.

Gemini Extensions

6. You will now be redirected to the extensions page. You can use all the AI chatbot extensions here.

Gemini Extensions

7. Extensions can be enabled or disabled as needed. You will be asked to connect your account with the related web service after enabling a specific extension. Connect by clicking the Connect button.

What are the Available Gemini AI Extensions?

There are currently five extensions available to work with Gemini AI. Listed below are some details about each extension.

1. Google Flight

Travel planning is made intuitive and personalized with the Google Flight extension.

This extension can be useful if you’re a frequent traveler. You must enable the extension and feed the prompt to plan your trip.

If you’re looking for flights between Odisha and Dehradun, you can try prompts like ‘Provide details regarding flights’. You will receive the details from the extension using Google Flight services.

2. Google Maps

Another useful extension for Gemini AI is Google Maps. A chatbot that provides location information is the purpose of this extension.

By enabling the Google Maps extension, you can perform some basic commands, such as ‘Give me directions to Hotel Green Apple’.

3. YouTube

You can search for YouTube videos directly on the AI chatbot by using the YouTube extension.

Try prompts such as ‘Tell me how to make pizza at home’. It can provide video suggestions upon request.

4. Google Hotels

This extension helps you find nearby hotels based on their popularity, as you might expect.

For frequent travelers, this extension can display popular hotels on different travel destinations.

5. Google Workspace

Gemini AI’s best extension may be Google Workspace. Your AI chatbot can access a variety of information linked to your Google Account if you enable this extension.

Gemini can access and provide information stored on other Google services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google App, Docs, etc., using the Google Workspace extension.

Basically, this guide explains how to enable and use Gemini extensions. Let us know if you need more help enabling Gemini extensions.

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